How It Works



PINK DRINKS is an occasional, casual gathering of like-minded men and women from the LGBTQI community. We gather for BYO drinks, finger food, conversation, friendship and networking, in regional areas outside the mainland capital cities.

The event is held at the home of a volunteer host on a weekend or public holiday afternoon, between 2:00pm and 7:00pm - possibly earlier in the winter months or to suit local conditions.

Initially, guests contact the local convenor via the contact area on the right hand side of the directory page for their local area. Once their invitation has been accepted, they are then invited to an event by the local PINK DRINKS convenor or host, and the location of the event is confirmed.

Guests are then encouraged to invite their friends who preferably would accompany them to the event.

All our events are strictly RSVP and all guests must email to the convenor, from their personal email, confirmation of their intention to attend, prior to an event. Their request will also be confirmed by the convenor.

RSVP is necessary so that appropriate facilities can be provided and the host knows who is attending. Numbers are limited at the discretion of the host to ensure guests attending can freely circulate at the location, therefore acceptances will be on a first received basis.

To reduce local parking congestion, car sharing with friends should be considered.

A voluntary gold coin donation would be appreciated on arrival to defray the cost of housekeeping the network.

Guests are asked to bring a small plate of savoury finger food to share, on a disposable plate or take away container to avoid wastage, and food that does not need preparing or heating at the event so as to avoid using our hosts facilities.
Suggestions are cheese, dips, pickled onions-gherkins- B&B cucumber etc., cracker biscuits, olives, nuts,  diced fruit (Rock melon-Water melon etc.), diced vegetables (carrots-celery etc.), small sandwiches etc.

Dress code is always smart casual -  writing and wearing a name tag provided on arrival is appreciated.

Unless otherwise requested, information on future local events will be forwarded to those who have attended a local PINK DRINKS function.

For new area group enquiries please contact us